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Hear Ronald Grant, , answer questions taken from an interview on March, 2004 on Adelphia's Public Access Television program called "What Questions You Should Be Asking For Your Financial Future". Ronald was one of 7 experts asked to speak on this very important topic.

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Why is long-term care insurance important?

What questions should you be asking when looking for a long-term care insurance agent?

Will the Government pay for long-term care?

Ronald L.Grant, is a Long-Term Care Specialist, SM. He has lectured extensively on Long-Term Care issues and options. Mr. Grant is the past President of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, past President for three years of the Senior Nutrition Action Council of Ventura County, member of the 37th Assembly District Insurance Advisory Committee, past member of the Ventura County Health Underwriters, and has completed special training to sell the California Partnership Long-Term Care.

"Clients will benefit from my expertise in designing protection of their assets and freedom of choice. I specialize only in Long-Term Care Insurance, and market no other products. Because I am appointed by 7 of America's top LTCI companies, I am able to shop on a client's behalf for the best product to meet their needs and wishes".

What questions you should ask when looking for a long term care insurance agent

  • Ask the agent if he or she has purchased their own Long -Term Care Insurance Policy? If not ask them why? If an Agent is trying to sell you a policy and does not have one maybe the agent is just looking for the commission and really does not believe in the product.
  • Ask the agent how many policies he or she has sold in dollar amount in one year? The greater the dollar amount an agent has and the longer the agent has been selling Long -Term Care Insurance the more experienced the agent should be. Someone that just started selling Long -Term Care Insurance is likely not to know the right questions to ask or how to create the proper plan for you. Remember the greater the knowledge your agent has the more informed you will be and he easier it will be to make the right decision. Just because an agent has been selling Insurance for a long time does not mean he or she knows how to sell Long -Term Care Insurance. Long-Term Care Insurance is a very complex product. Always try to use a specialist, remember no agent can be all things to all clients. Long -Term Care is not about insurance; it is about solving problems that may arise if you or a family member becomes incapacitated.
  • Ask the agent if he or she represents just one company? Never buy Long -Term Care Insurance from an agent that represents just one company. When you purchase from one company it may be right for the agent and the company but not for client. Not all companies offer the same benefits, options, rates, discounts or underwriting guidelines so you should have multiple companies to choose from. The more choices you have the better chance you have of purchasing the right policy for you.

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