Did you know that the median age of adults in our population has never been higher? This causes much concern within the health care industry. Each year Medicare pays a little less of the cost of health care and very little of the costs of long-term health care. In fact, whether provided at home or in a nursing center, Medicare pays for less than 5% of all long-term care costs nationally.


Facts about long- term care in America
Adults over the age 65 has surpassed the number of teenagers. Since those in the 50-64 bracket can expect to live longer, on the average, than any previous generation (the over-85 group is the fastest-growing segment of the population).

The Sandwich generation
For the first time in history, the average American has more parents than children. And the average American woman will spend more years caring for aging parents than she will raising children.

Research Shows at age 65 we have a one out of two chance of needing nursing home care at some point in our life. This type of insurance is not available to everyone, only those that can meet the health requirements. Long-Term health care is not a option!

  • Reasons to buy Long-Term Care insurance:
    • Freedom of choice
    • Access to quality care
    • Protecting your assets
    • Not to be a burden on family



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Recent Federal legislation has granted tax to qualified Long-Term Care policies. The health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) means that:

  • Premiums paid for qualified Long-Term Care policies may be deductible as medical expenses, subject to certain limitations.
  • Benefits received from qualified Long-Term Care Policies are not subject to Federal income tax.

Today there are many options. And, there are two very important reasons you should consider speaking with Long -Term Care Specialist sm, who is trained to help you and your family purchase the right policy.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance is our only business. Other companies sell a variety of insurance policies. And for them, Long-Term Care is just a sideline so they may have less knowledge and fewer products to offer. At Long-Term Care Specialistsm, you get more options and enjoy the expertise of real specialist.
  • We offer you choices. Long-Term Care insurance is no place for a one size fits all approach.

I offer many of the top companies to choose from. Let me shop for you. My field of expertise is only in Long-Term Care Insurance. Insurance eligibility ages 16 to 100. Why wait? The younger you are the less it will cost.


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