With the enactment of the tax advantages to encourage the purchase of long term care insurance and the Long Term Care Security Act which will make private LTC insurance available to 20 million federal employees in 2002, long term care insurance is an employee benefit whose time has come. Unlike other types of health insurance, it can be offered on a discriminatory basis to select employees such as managers, executives or owners. I think you would be amazed at how affordable the coverage can be as compared to other types of health coverage.

Your experience has shown you that it takes more than a paycheck to attract and retain quality employees. Today, prospective employees are looking for many things including excellent employee benefits. Expanding your benefit package to include long-term care insurance could provide you a marketing edge in attracting new employees and retaining existing employees.

Perhaps you are thinking, "Well, long-term care insurance may be important, but it's insurance for older people and my employees are not that old". It may surprise you to learn that 40 percent of all long-term care patients are under age 65. 4

Offering LTC insurance to other family members is important to keeping your employees productive. When we design a program for your company, we can also include coverage for your employees' parents and grandparents. When they need long-term care, your employees will have the peace of mind of knowing that they will have the funds to help pay for the care they need.

I hope what I have told you is helpful. If so, I have additional information and ideas that I believe could prove valuable to you.


4. "Counseling Clients on Long-Term Insurance", The Elder Law Journal, 1999.


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